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Maximutt 'Easy Up' Grooming Noose For Dogs


Groomers Noose - The 'Easy Up'

Groomers, are you tired of dealing with Nooses which have no adjustment?

Where you have to adjust your frame to your noose and the size of the dog?

Now, the 'Easy Up' is a Dog Groomers' blessing!!

Fastened to your grooming frame, it's easy to apply to dog (it goes around their belly) to hold up their rear ends, and can be done with one hand.

No more sitting down when you need them to stand.

When looped for use, the 'Easy Up' measures 40cm at it's shortest looped adjustment, and 65 cm on it's longest when looped.

The 'Easy Up' has ample adjustments for all size dogs, eg tall, short, skinny or rotund!!


You will ask yourself 'What did I ever do before I got one?'

Pictured is the Black with Orange, also available is Black with Bright Green. Please let me know your preference or random colour available will be sent.

Any questions please dont hesitate to ask.

Thank you!

NB: Please never leave your dog or cat UNATTENDED on any high table or surface when tethered or tied to a frame.

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