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Scented Wax Melts (for Oil Burners)


Hand poured each melt pack is loaded with fragrance, just choose the fragrance you would like.  Melts are used in oil burners & they will give you a lasting fragrance in the house for many hours. Very strong and beautiful scents.

All are made without dyes, so colours will not stain or clash with your melt burner. Some melts may have a yellow tint to them, but that is just the fragrance oil in the wax.

Fragrance time varies with heat of your melter, and the fragrance will last for several burns. Add 1 or 2 melts to your burner and enjoy the aroma of your choice as the fragrance fills your home!

As the melts are packed in resealable bags and with each bag is two organza bags.  With these you can place the new melts in and use as scents to freshen up your drawers or wardrobes, or any other place which needs a wafting aroma! 


What Is Soy Wax?

Soywax is a relative newcomer in the candle manufacturing industry. It is fast becoming a popular alternative to burning paraffin candles,especially in this day and age as we strive to be more environmentally aware and seek alternatives to petroleum based products where possible.

Soywax is made from soy beans, a natural, renewable and sustainable resource.  This makes it an excellent choice for those of us who wish to burn environmentally friendly candles.  

Soy wax burns cooler and cleaner than paraffin wax, increasing your melts life by burning longer and cleaner.

Soywax has a rustic or frosting effect after the melt pool has cooled. This is due to the makeup of the wax and in no way affects the scent.

Soywax is vegetable based, so if you do spill any it can be cleaned up with hot soap and water.  Being vegetable based also means that it is biodegradable.

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